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Okay, so I am having Some Tumblr issues, to which I had to create a new one.
I apologize for all of the confusingness. I tried to modify my Tumblr, and I ended up making it so bad that I’m not able to do almost anything on it now.

So I’ve made a new one, and The URL is:
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My Kitty.Baebae :3 

My Kitty.
Baebae :3 

(via piseop)

(via piseop)

Ohmygoddd… What is this FROMMM…
Someone tell me ;~; 

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I want this o_oSoo bad… 

I want this o_o
Soo bad… 

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  • attractive person: hey
  • me thinking: wow you're so attractive is this some kind of sick joke do you want my number do you want to fall in love and get married and have a house with a white pickett fence and a dog and two kids
  • me: hey
Must try O_O

Must try O_O

Lol… C:

Lol… C: